Elevate Ecommerce

Personalize every shopper's journey with Netcore Unbxd AI-powered search, easy-to-use merchandising, real-time recommendations, and intelligent product information management.

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UNBXD Search
Improve conversions and revenue
AI-powered Search & Browse

Flawlessly decode complex search queries to help shoppers find exactly what they want. With API and SDK-friendly implementation, integrate natural language processing into any ecommerce platform within 30 days.

UNBXD Recommendation
Lift engagement and AOV
Real-time personalization

Support upsells and cross-sells by dynamically interpreting purchase intent and shopper affinities. Adapt product recommendations based on browsing patterns in-session.

UNBXD Merchandising
Drive team productivity and precision
Powerful, easy-to-use merchandising tools

Promote products and run marketing campaigns without developer support. Track product performance, conduct A/B tests, and craft distinct landing pages to enhance merchandising strategies.

Support product discoverability at scale
AI-based product information management

Create automated rich content with AI and manage product information across multiple ecommerce platforms simultaneously.

Advanced AI functionality boosts relevance
Harness the power of AI-driven search, machine learning models, natural language understanding, and personalized recommendations to stay ahead of the curve.
AI-based conversations
Empower chatbots and virtual shopping assistants to provide personalized recommendations and engage shoppers in a human-like manner.
Image and visual search
Leverage advanced image analysis techniques and computer vision algorithms to help shoppers find products using images
Content enrichment apps
Utilize generative AI to create SEO-friendly product descriptions and listing pages optimized for multiple channels and marketplaces.