Increase engagement and AOV with real-time personalized recommendations
Predict and curate products for shoppers in session with AI-driven and contextually aware recommendations algorithms, ready-made templates, easy-to-use merchandising controls, and actionable shopper intelligence.
AI-Powered recommendations engine
Transform clicks into conversions with hyper-personalized product suggestions. Guide shoppers to relevant choices and support the discovery of new products at every stage of the purchase funnel.
Personalized for each buyer
Provide 1:1 personalized recommendations with proprietary AI that interprets hundreds of signals to understand shoppers' intent and affinities.
Context-based suggestions
Convert browsers into buyers with recommendations that match shopper cues and interactions.
Real-time shopper understanding
Instantly understand and interpret shopper’s behaviors to generate personalized and engaging recommendations within the same session.
AI-Powered recommendations engine
Amplify catalog visibility
Utilize advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques to improve product exposure. Gather data on shopper interactions to identify individual preferences and behaviors.
Self-learning algorithms driven by intelligence
Develop and train recommendation models using historical data. Identify products that appeal to specific shoppers based on their profile and actions.
Reach direct to customers
Combat cart abandonment and recover sales. Extend engagement beyond the site and re-engage shoppers with targeted messages.
Email recommendations
Send personalized product recommendations in email to engage shoppers, rekindle interest, and motivate purchases.
App push notifications
Push notifications of relevant products and promotions by leveraging shopper interactions and preferences.
Fallbacks for cold start
Lack of pre-existing data? Manually configure algorithm-based and product-based fallbacks for superior user engagement and personalization.
Merchandise Recommendations
Curate personalized product suggestions, fostering engagement and boosting revenue effortlessly.
Mix and match algorithms
Choose any combination of algorithms and decide what shoppers see in each product slot with zero coding effort.
Customize algorithms
Tweak algorithm parameters and create rules to add expertise and business logic to core algorithms.
Use ready-made templates
Choose from a library of customizable UI templates or upload custom-created templates to build business-friendly shopper experiences.
Omnichannel reach
Be it B2B or B2C, show recommendations across all channels, including but not limited to desktop sites, mobile sites, and mobile apps.
Personalized shopping hub
Provide a social media-like interface with a cross-category selection of products personalized for each customer.
Reliable infrastructure
Easy and fast feed ingestion
Implement recommendations with the same feed used for search and remove all additional work.
Seamless integration
Configure Unbxd Recommendations for multiple frameworks using APIs, SDKs, and front-end libraries.
Reports and Insights
Decipher shopper behavior and unearth hidden revenue streams with advanced analytics and comprehensive reports.
Make every click one step closer to the perfect find
100+ Bn
Uplift in conversions
Websites powered
Does your recommendations engine personalize product suggestions based on each shopper’s preferences?