Electronics x Unbxd
AI-driven search engine for precise electronics discovery
Elevate the shopping experience with Netcore Unbxd’s expert understanding of industry-specific jargon. Deliver relevant results for SKU, measurement, and compatibility searches, boosting conversion rates and shopper satisfaction.
The problem
Conventional search engines struggle with extensive datasets, increased traffic, and measurement-based and complex product specification-based searches, leading to poor shopping experiences, higher return rates, and reduced conversions.
Your one-stop solution
Identify shopper preferences, comprehend measurements, and automatically convert query values to match catalog values. Match shopper queries with compatible products to improve operational efficiency and enhance the shopping experience.
Why choose Unbxd?
Scalable search infrastructure
designed for large catalogs
Automated data structuring
for better product discovery
AI-enrichment apps
to help generate rich product data
Measurement search
understands all numerical inputs precisely
Tailored search rankings
to implement business intelligence
Fitment-driven search results
for increased CTR
Essential features for every electronics retailer
Retrieve model-specific products using a fitment search
Improve the search engine's ability to understand product model specifications, resulting in search results tailored to each model and boosting sales by 15%.
Allow precise product discovery with SKU-based search
Minimize zero-result pages and achieve a 9% increase in conversion rate by enabling shoppers to discover compatible and complementary products using complete or partial SKU numbers in their searches.
Customize personalization strategies with a marketing-friendly workbench
Empower business teams to take control of the shopping experience with zero IT dependencies. Easily curate promotions, build unique landing pages, and fine-tune personalization strategies with an intuitive merchandising workbench.
Control search result order personalizing the algorithm
Advance business goals through customized product rankings in search results. Reduce bounce rates, foster loyalty, and increase customer engagement with personalized recommendations, geo-targeted offers, and seasonal promotions.
Third-Party Integrations
Seamlessly integrate Netcore Unbxd with ecommerce platforms for a robust experience, enhancing search, navigation, and personalization for superior customer engagement and satisfaction.
Impact of Netcore Unbxd on electronics retail
Increase in search results
Decrease in bounce rate
Increase revenue
Boost customer conversion rates
Drive higher AOVs
Reduction in null searches
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How can Unbxd's search solution enhance our electronics store's product discoverability?

Unbxd employs advanced AI algorithms, enabling precise search results by understanding complex queries, suggesting relevant products, and improving overall user experience.

Will Unbxd's solution seamlessly integrate with our diverse range of electronic products?

Yes, Unbxd's platform is designed to handle the intricacies of electronics retail. It efficiently maps product variants, ensures accurate cataloging, and adapts to your ever-expanding inventory.

Can Unbxd help us stay ahead in offering the latest tech trends to our customers?

Absolutely! Unbxd keeps pace with the dynamic tech landscape, ensuring your customers access the latest products through intelligent search and real-time updates on trending items.

How does Unbxd contribute to boosting conversion rates for electronic products?

Unbxd optimizes search relevance, reduces zero-result searches, and empowers your customers to find what they're looking for swiftly. This directly translates to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Elevate electronics sales with precise search and discovery.