The Unbxd Technology
Cutting-edge infrastructure designed to deliver enterprise-grade security
Maintain the discovery and personalization experience with Netcore Unbxd's resilient, scalable, and high-performance technology, guaranteeing uninterrupted services and exceptional performance across our global network of delivery centers.
Distributed architecture with global coverage
Ensure availability on all major continents. Implement top-tier security measures, including DDoS protection, and harness an expansive content delivery network to deliver outstanding shopping experiences.
Highly performant with Cloudflare
Eliminate downtime risks with the combination of Netcore Unbxd’s robust architecture and Cloudflare’s delivery measures. Ensure lightning-fast, reliable, and secure access to the content at all times.
The Netcore Unbxd advantage
Highly scalable
Accommodate unprecedented surges in demand with infrastructure that is elastic and adaptable.
Enable interruption-free edits on components with Kubernetes-powered for horizontal scaling.
Redundancy enabled
Eliminate single points of failure with multiple content availability zones for maximum reliability.
Bulk feed upload
Securely index the entire catalog with a single request and zero disruption of the ongoing services.
Infrastructure Regions
Recovery solution managed by Netcore Unbxd
Pass complete responsibility for managing the failover process. Sit back and relax as Unbxd systems automatically detect primary cluster failures and route requests to keep sites running.
Dependable service level agreements
Ensure the highest level of service availability at all times. Get a two-hour Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and an automated Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for minimal downtime.