Visual Workbench
Build optimal shopping experiences with zero code
Enable non-technical retailers to handle merchandising tasks independently. Customize search and behavior experiences with promotions, banners, and landing pages that can go live in seconds.
Promote popular products
Apply merchandising rules to display curated product selections and streamline product placements.
Create custom landing pages
Develop tailor-made search result pages for specific queries to bolster marketing campaigns. Showcase seasonal collections and products for brands with high profits.
Set criteria and automatically update the products displayed.
Hand-pick items to craft unique pages with a fixed display of products.
Experience interactive preview
Streamline the build process and minimize the time spent on reiteration. Instantly see the impact of changes made and push them live in seconds.
Drag and drop products
Customize to match the live site
Get product performance insights
Experience interactive preview
Display interactive banners
Enhance visibility to boost the campaign's effectiveness. Promote offers, products, and brands by directing shoppers to landing pages.
Customize facets
Provide tailor-made navigation experience for specific categories, elevating shopper satisfaction and increasing conversion rates.
Automate redirects
Improve the shopping experience by automatically redirecting searches for support, promotions, and crisis management to the appropriate pages without the hassle of finding them individually.
Empower merchandisers with a future-proof, no-code visual merchandising platform!