Drive ecommerce success with product discovery solutions engineered for growth
Optimize shopping across devices with AI-powered Search featuring autocomplete, dynamic ranking, and personalized relevance. Build over a hundred personalized product discovery experiences using APIs, SDKs, and platform plug-ins.
Utilize Artificial Intelligence
Curate unique experiences for every shopper and deliver highly relevant search results using Natural Language Processing and vector understanding.
Self-learning AI models
Enable automatic shopping experience enhancement with on-site shopper behavior insights and eliminate the need for manual efforts.
Catalog enrichment
Utilize advanced AI models to extract product details from unstructured catalog data, such as product descriptions and reference images.
Visual AI workbench
Craft custom AI models, govern intent-driven strategy, refine product rankings, and fine-tune personalization models through an intuitive console.
Utilize Artificial Intelligence
Easy setup. Faster implementation
Use Netcore Unbxd’s flexible APIs, feather-light SDKs, and easy-to-implement plug-ins to activate powerful search and product discovery experience on top of existing ecommerce platforms and stores.
Utilize easy merchandising and relevance controls
Curate product discovery experiences through Netcore Unbxd’s no-code console within seconds. Customize search results, promote products, run campaigns, and create category-based navigation.
Implement out-of-the-box omnichannel search
Provide consistent shopping experiences across various channels to boost shopper loyalty and satisfaction.
Location-based product search
Real-time inventory visibility
Ability to hide out-of-stock items
Implement out-of-the-box omnichannel search
Guide shoppers throughout the purchase journey
Shorten the path to purchase with real-time, predictive suggestions, enabling personalized interactions and driving conversions.
Offer multi-language search
Enable unified search for all stores, irrespective of location or language, to ensure a seamless shopping experience.
Native support for 40+ languages
Provide powerful search and navigation globally across all markets.
Single console to manage all sites
Unify web asset management using a centralized expert workbench.
Refine search with exhaustive filters
Optimize for B2B
Support B2B marketplace success with precise product discovery capabilities, advanced filtering, and streamlined purchase processes.
SKU-based search
Enable search by exact or partial product identifiers and facilitate quick business purchases.
Scalable catalog limits
Efficiently index catalogs of any scale for an optimized query retrieval experience.
Modifiable product visibility
Set and validate shopper eligibility conditions before displaying product availability and pricing information.
Numbers-based search
Interpret alphanumeric measurement values within search queries and intelligently link them to product attributes for precise product filtering.
Increase content accessibility
Effortlessly unify product and content search, linking customers with accurate information. Utilize Natural Language Processing to comprehend and extract insights from unstructured data.
Analyze performance reports
Get a 360-degree perspective on the purchase patterns, trends, query insights and shopper search behaviors.
Conversion funnel
Monitor and analyze customer journeys, from search to click to add-to-cart and purchase.
Product and query-level data
Connect the dots between shopper queries and final purchase decisions.
Custom reports
Create detailed reports with business-specific metrics for your third-party tools and internal analysis.
Highly Available Infrastructure
Focus on growth without worrying about the underlying product discovery infrastructure.
Online stores
Average response time
35+ Bn
Documents processed monthly
Faster order completion
Are you elevating revenue with intelligent search ? Boost conversions and deliver personalized experiences to gain unparalleled profits.