Fashion x Unbxd
Personalize with AI to drive fashion retailer profitability
Empower fashion retailers with Netcore Unbxd's AI-driven solutions for enhanced product discovery, in-depth intent understanding, precise individualization, and targeted merchandising to improve team productivity and business performance.
The problem
In the current online fashion landscape, an abundance of choices can overwhelm shoppers, causing 'analysis paralysis' resulting in low click-to-conversions, declining revenue per visit, higher site drop-offs, and poor shopper retention rates.
Your one-stop solution
Assist shoppers in navigating overwhelming choices with a conversion-friendly product discovery solution, merchandising workbench, data-driven personalization, and enriched content management.
Why choose Netcore Unbxd as the go-to search and product discovery partner?
Context-aware search
with high result accuracy
Third-party integrations
and APIs for seamless connectivity
Cloud-native and multi-tenant
infrastructure for high scalability
Automated user profiling
with 20+ adaptive AI models
Real-time 1:1 Personalization
to target shopper affinity
Content management and enrichment
for a better product experience
Key features every fashion retailer should have
Improve search result recall with Named Entity Recognition
Identify and expand ambiguous words in shoppers' search queries to comprehend meaning without losing context. By weighing frequently searched entities, automatically prioritize and display the products each shopper wants to see.
Merchandise using powerful no-code workbench
Facilitate buying journeys by strategically placing products with boost, bury, pin, sort, slot, and filter options. Use banners and redirects to improve campaign performance and assess strategies with comprehensive merchandising reports.
Personalize recommendations with self-learning algorithms
Employ advanced personalization algorithms to recommend highly relevant products and generate in-session product suggestions. Enhance product discoverability and adjust automatically to suit each shopper’s unique preferences and context.
A/B test strategies across shopper segments
Experiment with your ideas across diverse shopper segments, crafting multiple experiences to identify the top-performing campaign. Analyze revenue, conversion rate, and CTR for precise targeting.
Automate and customize autosuggest experience
Offer query suggestions to shoppers based on their search behavior and catalog attributes. Effortlessly promote trending suggestions while blocking unwanted ones based on business expertise.
Analyze performance using behavior and popularity reports
Visualize conversion funnel, gain insights into shopper preferences, identify popular products for each search query, and understand shopper segmentation and targeting using comprehensive reports and analytics.
Third-party integrations for instant implementation
Seamlessly integrate Netcore Unbxd with ecommerce platforms for a robust experience, enhancing search, navigation, and personalization for superior customer engagement and satisfaction.
Impact of Netcore Unbxd on fashion retail
Increase revenue
Boost customer conversion rates
Drive higher AOVs
Reduce null searches
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How can an AI-driven search solution enhance the shopping experience for our fashion retail website?

Netcore Unbxd's AI-driven search solution understands shopper intent, improves search relevance, and provides personalized product recommendations. This enhances the overall shopping journey, boosting user retention and satisfaction.

Can the search solution adapt to the dynamic nature of fashion trends and product catalogs?

Yes, Unbxd's search solution utilizes machine learning to dynamically adapt to changing fashion trends and evolving catalogs. It ensures that search results are continuously optimized based on real-time data and shopper behavior.

How does the solution handle variations in product attributes, such as sizes, colors, and styles?

Netcore Unbxd employs advanced algorithms to intelligently handle product attributes. It understands variations like sizes, colors, and styles, providing accurate search results and facilitating a smoother shopping experience.

Is the search solution capable of supporting visual search for fashion items?

Yes, Unbxd's search solution offers visual search capabilities. Shoppers can use images as queries, allowing them to find similar or matching fashion items easily. This feature enhances product discovery, especially for visually-driven fashion searches.

Explore how Unbxd's cutting-edge AI-driven search solution ensures dynamic adaptability and elevates shoppers' discovery of trends.