Ecommerce Manager x Unbxd
Improve relevance with real-time personalization
Elevate customer experiences through seamless omnichannel integration with Netcore Unbxd's merchandising workbench. Optimize inventory management and drive revenue growth cost-effectively.
The problem
Navigating innovation and tech advancements in a competitive landscape is challenging. Fostering loyal returning shoppers demands flexible pricing within platform constraints.
The solution
Sustain competitiveness with dynamic pricing and real-time analytics, ensuring attractive prices for shoppers. Utilize self-learning models to create personalized experiences, fostering repeat sales and customer loyalty.
Why is Netcore Unbxd essential for ecommerce managers?
Enhance individualized personalization with a self-learning algorithm
Shorten the journey from discovery to checkout using visual search capabilities
Deliver immersive customer experiences through AI-driven conversation mechanisms
Make informed financial decisions using extensive data and actionable insights
Ensure shopper engagement and retention through real-time inventory management
The Netcore Unbxd advantage every ecommerce manager should experience
Self-learning AI algorithms to enhance shoppers’ experience
Utilize predictive personalization models to enhance user experiences, reduce bounce rates, and drive retention. Our self-learning algorithm delivers individualized offers and recommendations to distinct shopper segments, amplifying business success.
Enhance the shopping experience with a visual search
Empower ecommerce search engines to bridge the gap between digital image representation and human understanding. Harness image metadata and Content-Based Image Retrieval for precise product discovery.
Incorporate AI-driven chatbots to provide a guided shopping experience
Enhance shopper journeys with personalized guidance from the virtual shopping assistant. Elevate your ecommerce strategy with data-driven recommendations for effective cross-selling and upselling.
Streamline inventory management to forecast business demands accurately
Leverage store-aware features to seamlessly merge in-store inventory and data with your ecommerce platform. Enable real-time visibility into the inventory, track stock levels, manage out-of-stock situations, and ensure that products are always available to shoppers.
Real-time insights and advanced analytics to ensure efficient operations
Advanced analytics provides actionable insights into shopper behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. Mitigate shopping abandonment resulting from zero-result pages by reviewing non-performing search queries and products.
Making profits from your ecommerce site
Reduction in bounce rates
Growth in online revenue
Drop in zero-result pages
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
What benefits does a robust search and discovery solution offer for my ecommerce business?

A powerful search and discovery solution significantly enhances the user experience on your e-commerce platform. It improves product discoverability, increases conversion rates, and boosts customer satisfaction. It ensures shoppers can easily find what they want, leading to higher engagement and sales.

How can an advanced search solution impact our website's conversion rates?

An advanced search solution can have a substantial positive impact on conversion rates. Providing accurate and relevant search results guides shoppers to the products they want quickly. This reduces bounce rates, increases time spent on the site, and ultimately contributes to higher conversion rates.

Can the search solution adapt to our shoppers’ changing preferences and behaviors?

Yes. Netcore Unbxd’s AI-powered Machine Learning models enable the system to learn from user interactions, analyze trends, and adapt to changing customer preferences. This ensures that the search results remain relevant and personalized, contributing to a dynamic and engaging shopping experience.

How does the search solution handle large and diverse product catalogs?

A robust search and discovery solution is designed to handle extensive and diverse product catalogs efficiently. It employs faceted search, filters, and categorization techniques to help users navigate through extensive inventories seamlessly. Additionally, features like auto-complete and spell correction enhance the user experience, making it easier for customers to explore and find products even in extensive catalogs.

Revolutionize your ecommerce journey with Netcore Unbxd's product discovery. Elevate user experiences, boost sales, and stay ahead in the game!