Search Merchandising
Maximize sales with KPI-driven Merchandising
Empower business teams with Netcore Unbxd’s no-code, developer-independent merchandising dashboard. Take control of product visibility, run targeted campaigns, perform A/B Testing, and gather shopper intel for improved click-through rate and search performance.
Visual workbench
Apply business rules, execute campaigns, and customize shopping experiences through an interactive, no-code, centralized dashboard.
Interactive preview
Gain confidence in the merchandising setup with an advanced, real-time preview that seamlessly aligns with the live site. Visually configure rules using product drag-and-drop for enhanced control.
Driven by rules
Make precise, predetermined changes to the search results based on time, region, and device.
Set one rule to promote, demote, or filter products across search results for all queries.
Predefine any specific query and associate it with a condition to modify the search results.
Strategic segmentation
Identify specific shopper segments to create targeted campaigns and drive better engagement and conversions.
No code: Merchandising made easy
Prevent delays caused by IT dependency with a self-serve mechanism
Empower business thought-leaders to apply industry expertise
Bring in value-focused merchandising by eliminating added expenses
A/B testing
Experiment with multiple variants of marketing campaigns and merchandising strategies to find the most successful business model.
Extensive reports
Optimize product visibility and sales performance with valuable insights and data analysis.
Enable ecommerce success with Netcore Unbxd smart merchandising
Active merchandisers
Live A/B tests
Revenue uplift from campaigns
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How does Unbxd Merchandising enhance product visibility?

Unbxd Merchandising optimizes product placement, ensuring items are prominently displayed based on customer behavior and trends.

Can I run targeted campaigns without technical expertise using Unbxd Merchandising?

Yes, Unbxd's no-code workbench allows easy creation of campaigns, promotions, and banners, empowering marketers to run targeted initiatives effortlessly.

How does Unbxd Merchandising handle dynamic changes in inventory and pricing?

Unbxd Merchandising seamlessly adapts to changes in inventory and pricing in real-time, ensuring that promotions and campaigns remain accurate and effective.

What analytics and insights does Unbxd Merchandising provide to improve strategies?

Unbxd Merchandising offers advanced analytics, including A/B testing and campaign performance reports, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance merchandising strategies.

Transform your merchandising strategy with Netcore Unbxd's no-code, data-driven solution!