IT x Unbxd
Headless architecture for omnichannel integration
Implement Netcore Unbxd's flexible APIs to integrate the online store seamlessly with all ecommerce platforms. With robust encryption, GDPR-compliant platforms protect customer information, payment details, and transactions.
The problem
The lack of effective search optimization and developer-friendly tools poses obstacles to integrating new solutions, impeding businesses from providing a seamless user experience.
The solution
Netcore Unbxd’s advanced search algorithms promise swift product discovery and increase shoppers' satisfaction with precise results. Empower the developers with robust SDKs, providing remarkable flexibility to integrate with platforms easily.
Feature-rich Netcore Unbxd for IT managers
Make your ecommerce platform integrate and customize seamlessly with APIs.
Optimize search algorithms with round-the-clock expert assistance
Choose the right tools and technologies without compatibility issues
Integrate seamlessly with the current front end while maintaining the user experience
Fast, efficient, and reliable implementation within three weeks
Utilize a visual workbench for automating the workflow without requiring developers
Discover Netcore Unbxd's IT solution suite
Streamline business growth with scalable APIs and SDKs
Activate a powerful search experience for your shoppers with featherlight SDKs and plugins for all major ecommerce platforms. Seamlessly scale integrated SDKs to accommodate growing volumes, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable shopping journey for the shoppers.
Simplify operations by reducing technical challenges
Maintain better system uptime with continuous support that reduces downtime, enhancing the overall use experience. Prevent costly mistakes and reduce the time spent on problem resolution without hiring additional in-house experts.
Optimize retail ecosystem potential with integrated, adaptable ecommerce
Create a versatile experience by integrating Netcore Unbxd micro-services with existing digital ecosystems such as content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM). Utilize ready-to-use APIs for faster deployment times.
Achieve technological flexibility and cost efficiency with headless commerce
Allow flexibility and innovation by decoupling the front-end presentation layer from the back-end ecommerce functionality. Create unique, personalized, and consistent customer experiences across various digital touchpoints without the hassle of changing everything.
Develop autonomy from marketing and merchandising needs
Make real-time adjustments and have complete transparency over the configuration process with powerful artificial intelligence capabilities. Attain control over merchandising and marketing with a flexible visual workbench, even without extensive technical expertise.
"The Unbxd console is a very powerful product that allows us to customize the ordering, promote products, or redirect customers to customize PLPs or CLPs based on business requirements. Whenever we have faced issues, the Unbxd team has been very prompt in resolving them."
Saurabh Sahu
Manager – Platform Management & Delivery
Significant growth metrics achieved with Netcore Unbxd
Rise in revenue
Increase in per-search revenue
Increase in orders due to search
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How does Unbxd integrate with our existing tech stack and ecommerce platform?

Unbxd offers flexible APIs and SDKs that make integration seamless. Whether using popular ecommerce platforms or having a custom-built system, Unbxd ensures a smooth integration process for developers.

Can developers customize the search algorithms and ranking models to fit our business needs?

Absolutely. Unbxd provides a visual workbench and customization options that allow developers to tailor the search algorithms, ranking models, and merchandising strategies according to the unique requirements of your business.

What level of support and documentation does Unbxd offer to assist our development team?

Unbxd provides comprehensive documentation, API references, and developer guides. Additionally, the Unbxd support team is available to assist developers in implementing and optimizing the search and discovery solution.

How does Unbxd ensure the security and privacy of customer data in the search and discovery process?

Unbxd follows industry best practices for data security and privacy. The platform is designed with security in mind, employing encryption and access controls to safeguard customer data throughout the search and discovery journey.

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