Query Understanding
Match shopper expectations to boost loyalty
Elevate search precision with AI-powered query analysis. Identify semantic context within search queries and seamlessly interpret shopper intent for highly accurate and relevant results.
Real-time intent and context interpretation
Transform unstructured shopper queries into sales opportunities with AI-driven natural language processing. Decode semantic intricacies of human language to deliver highly relevant search results.
Map search queries to product categories
Enhance natural language algorithms with clickstream data to understand the meaning behind homonyms and connect relevant products with matching intent.
Prevent zero-result pages caused by long-tail queries
Boost sales
Catch commonly missed sales from long-tail queries with query clustering.
Match queries
Skillfully match tail queries to head queries with similar intent.
Precision ranking
Use behavioral data of head queries to improve tail query ranking precision.
Prevent zero-result pages caused by long-tail queries
Does your site search understand the nuances of human language ?