Furniture x Unbxd
AI models to increase furniture retailer conversions
Empower ecommerce furniture businesses to deliver an intuitive, adaptive, and highly personalized shopping journey. Industry-specific AI models, variant search capabilities, and dynamic facets enhance customer experience.
Why choose Netcore Unbxd as the go-to search and product discovery partner?
Visual Search
to discover products that closely match the reference image.
Measurement Search
that can interpret alphanumeric queries.
Query understanding
to help deconstruct complex queries.
Dynamic relevance
and ranking to boost conversions of high-performing products.
Unbxd’s guide to furniture retailers
Discover space-fitting products with measurement-aware search
Improve the quality of search results, speed up the purchase journey, and reduce bounce rates with products that fit perfectly. Understanding shoppers’ intent using NER(Named Entity Recognition) and AI will enhance the shopping experience, increasing sales opportunities.
Improve shopping experience with AI-Powered Image Search
Take furniture shopping to the next level with advanced image search. Upload a reference image, and the AI will find products that closely match the shoppers style and preferences.
Bringing real-time visibility to ecommerce with store-awareness
Elevate the furniture and homeware retail industry by introducing store-aware technology to enhance the omnichannel experience, offering real-time inventory data to improve inventory visibility and streamline store management.
Easy-to-use workbench simplifies product management
Boost product promotion and management using Netcore Unbxd's intuitive visual interface. Enhance the ecommerce performance with a merchandising workbench that can be easily utilized by non-technical team members.
Find perfect products with Dynamic facets
Tailors the search to specific criteria, ensuring that shoppers can find their products efficiently and with ease. Optimizing search filters to narrow the field of view and provide a faster path to purchase.
Third-party integrations for instant implementation
Seamlessly integrate Netcore Unbxd with ecommerce platforms for a robust experience, enhancing search, navigation, and personalization for superior customer engagement and satisfaction.
Impact of Netcore Unbxd on furniture retail
Increase revenue
Increase in search results
Boost customer conversion rates
Reduction in null searches
Drive higher AOVs
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How does Unbxd's search solution accommodate the diverse product range in the furniture industry?

Unbxd's search is equipped with intelligent categorization and filtering, ensuring efficient handling of various furniture types, styles, and specifications. Our solution is designed to provide accurate results across a broad spectrum of furniture products.

Can Unbxd help us highlight seasonal or promotional furniture items to boost sales?

Absolutely! Unbxd's merchandising capabilities empower furniture retailers to showcase seasonal or promotional items strategically. With our visual merchandising tools, you can easily create campaigns, banners, and landing pages to promote specific products during different seasons or campaigns.

How does Unbxd handle complex product attributes and specifications in the furniture sector?

Unbxd excels in managing complex product attributes specific to furniture. From dimensions and materials to styles and colors, our solution intelligently interprets and indexes these attributes, ensuring that customers can easily filter and find products based on their unique preferences.

What measures does Unbxd take to ensure a seamless transition during the integration process?

Unbxd's integration process is designed to be smooth and minimally disruptive. Our team works closely with furniture retailers, providing comprehensive support and documentation. Whether you're migrating from another system or implementing Unbxd for the first time, we ensure a hassle-free experience.

Learn how to elevate furniture retail conversions with AI-powered personalization!