Merchandiser x Unbxd
Implement business rules with no code merchandising
Elevate your ecommerce game with Netcore Unbxd's data-driven visual merchandising workbench. Boost sales and enhance user experiences with tailored campaigns, landing pages, banners, and high-profit product promotion.
The problem
Traditional ecommerce merchandising is intricate and resource-intensive. The necessity for a dedicated engineering team complicates real-time changes, personalized offerings, and effective marketing campaigns.
The solution
Netcore Unbxd's merchandising workbench empowers merchandisers to craft visually captivating, highly profitable campaigns. It comprehends market trends and shopper behavior through extensive reports and strategy testing.
Why choose Netcore Unbxd as your merchandising partner?
Eye-catching marketing campaigns without developer dependency
Performance report of popular products to monitor sales behavior
Customizable facets and filters to enable a quick path to purchase
A/B test environment to experiment with business ideas
High content accessibility with automated redirects
Detailed reports and insights to enhance future campaigns
Key Netcore Unbxd features beneficial for every merchandiser
Simplify merchandising tasks with a no-code visual workbench
Regain the autonomy to execute strategies independently, free from reliance on engineering teams. Personalize the search results page for any query by precisely positioning products as desired.
Highlight products with exceptional ROI to maximize profitability
Discover high-conversion, trending products with easy one-click boost, pin, sort, and filter features. Establish rules using product-specific reports for insights into shopper behavior and buying trends.
Streamline search with customizable facets to boost shopper satisfaction
Refine the filter options to automatically present attributes closely aligned with the category of products shown on the search results page, leading to a more user-friendly shopping experience and enhanced visibility of your product catalog.
Optimize strategies and test their effectiveness with hassle-free A/B testing
Create diverse merchandising strategy variations for different shopper segments. Set up experiments to identify the most effective approach and make data-driven decisions that help achieve business goals.
Enhance shopper journeys by directing queries to relevant pages
Automatically recognize queries related to campaigns or content pages and seamlessly redirect shoppers to the appropriate pages, improving their shopping experience without coding intervention.
Enable data-driven decisions with comprehensive performance reports
Utilize extensive merchandising reports to dive deep into product and campaign performance. Optimize product visibility and sales by extracting insights on metrics like CTR, add-to-cart rate, and conversion rate.
Empower business teams to increase conversions with hassle-free merchandising
Growth in revenue
Increase in search conversions
Boost in Average Order Value
Increase in repeat shoppers
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How can Unbxd's search solution enhance the overall visual merchandising strategy?

Unbxd's search solution offers a visual workbench that allows you to create and manage visually appealing product displays, banners, and landing pages. This helps merchandisers showcase products in a compelling way, enhancing the overall user experience.

Is it possible to run targeted promotions and campaigns with Unbxd's search and discovery solution?

Absolutely! Unbxd's platform includes features like targeted campaigns, banners, and personalized recommendations. Merchandisers can easily run promotions, create custom landing pages, and tailor product recommendations to specific customer segments, driving engagement and conversions.

How does Unbxd address the challenge of reducing zero-result searches and improving product discoverability?

Unbxd employs AI-powered targeted personalization to reduce zero-result searches. By understanding user behavior, preferences, and intent, the platform ensures that shoppers are presented with relevant products even when their search queries might not match exact product names or keywords.

Can Unbxd help me optimize product rankings based on real-time data and trends?

Absolutely! Unbxd's platform provides merchandisers with real-time analytics and insights. You can optimize product rankings based on trends, shopper preferences, and other relevant metrics. This ensures that your product listings align with what your shoppers are looking for.

Leverage AI-powered product discovery that boosts every click and redefines ecommerce success!