Merchandise Recommendations
Curate shopping experiences with intelligent product suggestions
Enhance product discovery for shoppers by providing personalized recommendations aligned with business goals, shopper interactions, and industry trends.
Customizable algorithms
Take absolute control of shopper experiences. Define rules and tweak algorithm parameters to combine merchandiser experience with AI logic.
Personalize using rules
Make adjustments to preset algorithm modules. Apply business expertise and industry-specific knowledge to achieve KPIs.
Apply dynamic and static filters
Create context-aware dynamic filters or rule-based static filters to build experiences based on the shopper purchase journey.
Set location-based popularity
Promote hot and trending products near shoppers’ locations using custom lookback periods.
Adaptable widgets
Choose which products shoppers see at each stage of the purchase funnel by applying a single or a combination of algorithms.
Lacking shopper data? Create fallbacks
Intuitive template library
Accelerate productivity and simplify complex processes with recommendation widget templates.
Are you deploying the best merchandising strategies for your recommendations?