Visual Search
Redefine discovery through the power of visual intelligence
Optimize search bars with image compatibility, enabling shoppers to upload inspirational images as queries and obtain precise results matching their visual search intent.
Extract data from images of all kinds
Effortlessly accommodate images of different sizes, origins, qualities, and formats and deliver visually similar images within 3 seconds.
Deduct multiple attributes and objects
Leverage advanced computer-vision algorithms to precisely analyze and recognize attributes like objects, patterns, and colors within a single image.
Track the revenue impact
Gain actionable insights with in-depth conversion analysis, historical trend comparison, and shopper interaction for image-based queries.
Why choose Netcore Unbxd as the visual search partner?
Amplify product discovery
Enhance shopper engagement
Increase conversion rates
Personalize with precision at scale
Integrate using APIs and SDKs
Can your site search understand images? Unlock discovery with AI-powered visual search .