Increase engagement with shopper-specific personalization
Utilize over 200 real-time shopper engagement and behavior signals to match each shopper's distinct preferences, delivering personalized search results and product recommendations.
Shape individual shopping experiences
Tailor search results on the fly by understanding the varying context of similar queries from different shoppers, leading to increased repeat purchases and conversions.
Suggest items by adapting to shopper preferences in real-time
In-session personalization
Comprehend shopper intent and objectives, presenting relevant products in real-time as the shopper navigates the existing session.
Cold-start for new shoppers
Leverage pre-existing data on similar shopping patterns and segments to understand the intent and objectives of first-time shoppers.
Explore over 1 Billion personalization widgets
Create, test, deploy, and optimize personalization strategies using Visual UI workbench with zero coding and no development effort.
Can your site search unveil unique journeys for every shopper?