Marketer x Unbxd
Reclaim lost revenue with targeted campaigns
Make product discovery an integral part of your marketing strategy. Create a hyper-focused shopping experience with segmentation and targeting, SEO-friendly landing pages, and easy-to-run campaigns.
The problem
Ecommerce marketing demands a balance of lead acquisition, shopper loyalty, and brand value. Increasing site traffic means constantly navigating shifting algorithms, limited budgets, and new solutions.
The solution
Streamline marketing operations with Netcore Unbxd's intuitive visual workbench. Execute cost-effective campaigns, enhance CTR, and drive larger carts by eliminating zero-result pages through AI-driven targeted personalization.
How does Netcore Unbxd make marketing effortless?
Improve campaign impact by targeting specific audiences with precision.
Engage your audience with visually stunning banners.
Boost organic traffic and Customer Lifetime Value with SEO-friendly URLs.
Achieve seamless brand consistency with marketplace integrations.
Experiment and refine strategies with A/B testing for optimal results.
Ensure engagement and sales with conversion-focused landing pages.
Netcore Unbxd features every marketer should have
Enhance ecommerce performance with effective segmentation
Segment shoppers based on demographic and psychographic characteristics and showcase products tailored to their preferences. Optimize pricing strategies for each segment, increasing conversions.
Drive traffic with banners and elevate campaign visibility
Captivate your shoppers with targeted messaging. Drive engagement, promote offers, and boost product sales by strategically placing visually striking banners.
Improve discoverability and AOV with an SEO-friendly ecommerce site
Create SEO-friendly content and PDP links to attract new shoppers, boost product visibility, and enhance brand exposure. Reduce duplicate content problems and improve compatibility with voice search, raising Customer Lifetime Value.
Create campaigns that captivate and convert with multichannel mastery
Strategize and execute campaigns consistently across different platforms and channels. Craft compelling messages, analyze results, and engage your audience effectively.
Minimize risk and maximize performance by embracing data-driven insights
Confirm marketing hypotheses with concrete data, enabling informed choices. Use Unbxd's advanced reports and analysis to verify marketing theories, product positioning, targeting strategies, and campaigns.
Convert website visitors into shoppers through personalized landing pages
Direct shoppers' focus to compelling, customized landing pages with a specific call-to-action and reduce diversions. Incorporate promotions or remove low-stock items to prompt swift engagement from shoppers.
Improve ecommerce lead generation through Netcore Unbxd marketing solutions
Revenue increase via personalization
Per session dollar growth
Rise in visits without site search
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How can a search and discovery solution contribute to our marketing strategies?

A search and discovery solution is instrumental in optimizing marketing efforts. Ensuring that products are easily discoverable enhances the effectiveness of targeted campaigns. The solution's insights into user behavior also provide valuable data for refining marketing strategies, ensuring they align with shopper preferences.

Can the search solution be customized to align with our branding and promotional activities?

Netcore Unbxd offers customization options to align with branding and promotional activities. This includes creating tailored landing pages, banners, and promotions. Such customization ensures consistency with your brand and enables you to run targeted campaigns without developer dependency.

How does the search solution contribute to improving click-through rates (CTR) and user engagement?

An advanced search and discovery solution optimizes search results based on relevance, reducing zero-result pages. This, in turn, enhances user engagement by providing shoppers with products they are more likely to be interested in. By improving CTR, the solution ensures that users are more inclined to explore and purchase.

Utilize Netcore Unbxd's strategies for brand growth, engaging audiences, innovation, and data insights to transform your ecommerce journey effectively.