Dynamic Ranking
Invest in AI-driven ranking models to enhance sales
Combine live and cached shopper data to understand evolving shopper preferences. Increase the add-to-cart rate by generating signals that can personalize product selection in real time.
Craft unique shopping journeys
Align personalization and business strategies with an intuitive AI console.
Detect shopper preferences from their past engagements and behavioral signals.
Instantly incorporate shopper insights and tailor experiences to match their preferences within the same session.
Key advanced ranking indicators
200+ ranking signals for maximum conversions
Optimize product ranking by integrating contextual real-time signals and search query terms with learning-to-rank AI models.
increase in conversions using AI models trained to identify and list products more likely to sell.
of the search queries are optimized for ranking, outperforming traditional clickstream models.
tailor-made responses for each query by considering the distinct shopper, store, and catalog-related differences.
Is your ranking strategy maximizing the cart value?