Mid-market x Unbxd
Customized solutions to help mid-market retailers scale
Deliver a seamless shopping experience with Netcore Unbxd’s cutting-edge technology to improve site search and product discovery. Leverage our artificial intelligence and easy plugin integrations to boost conversions.
The challenge
Efficient resource management is necessary for all SMBs. Shopping cart abandonment, irrelevant search results, and generic recommendations hinder shopper satisfaction.
Your one-stop solution
Streamline product searches with an AI-powered system that ensures relevance based on shopper intent. With custom rankers, prioritize the display of products in accordance with the business strategy.
Why choose Unbxd for your mid-market ecommerce?
Effortlessly integrate
into any ecommerce platform
Cost-effective tool
that yields the best results
Scalable solution
that helps support a growing business
Leverage product performance insights
for better decision-making
Propelling Mid-market ecommerce platforms to success
Simplify integration with intuitive connectors
Use intuitive connectors to simplify integration, reducing setup costs and effort. Enable smaller businesses to easily implement better product discovery to help deliver a better shopping experience.
Automate relevancy for maintenance-free search
Enable better product search results without technical intervention with the help of search algorithms that are powered by AI and machine learning. Deploy a modern product discovery platform easily with minimal manpower.
No cost overruns
Experience a high return on investment with a top-tier solution that leads its category and provides competitive, transparent pricing without unexpected expenses.
Easy-to-use merchandising templates
Reduce high dependency on IT and quickly make your marketing and merchandising strategy live using our off-the-shelf experience templates.
Third-party plugin integrations
Effortlessly merge Netcore Unbxd into ecommerce platforms to bolster the experience, improving search, navigation, and personalization for heightened customer engagement and satisfaction.
Bringing Netcore Unbxd to Mid-market businesses
Increase revenue
Boost customer conversion rates
Drive higher AOVs
Reduce null searches
Increase in revenue per search
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How does Unbxd's search solution cater to mid-market retailers' specific needs?

Unbxd's search is designed to scale and adapt, providing mid-market retailers with customizable features to meet their unique requirements. From personalized recommendations to efficient inventory management, we tailor our solutions for your business size.

Can Unbxd integrate seamlessly with our existing ecommerce platform?

Yes, Unbxd is known for its easy integration capabilities. We support a wide range of ecommerce platforms, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your current operations. Our implementation process is designed to minimize downtime and optimize your search functionality swiftly.

What kind of support and maintenance can we expect after implementing Unbxd?

Unbxd is committed to providing excellent ongoing support. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any queries or issues. Additionally, we offer regular updates and improvements to ensure your search solution remains cutting-edge and effective.

Fuel your SMB growth with a customizable product discovery solution.