Magento x Netcore Unbxd
Elevate product discovery with enterprise-grade solutions
Forge future-ready Magento stores with AI-driven search, easy-to-use merchandising, personalized recommendations, and Product Information Management (PIM).
Intelligent discovery solution for all Magento Stores
Smart search
Link complex search queries with relevant products through intelligent entity classification and extraction models.
Precise variant mapping
Show product variants relevant to the search query without listing them as separate products.
Catalog enrichment
Enable AI to auto-complete missing catalog details for improved product discoverability.
Ranking controls
Customize search result rankings with ranking models powered by shopper behavior data and catalog information.
Execute merchandising strategies without IT support
360-degree view of shoppers’ behavior
Dissect conversion funnel
Track vital metrics, visualize performance, and compare trends to understand shopper preference and gain predictive insights.
Seize missed opportunities
Catch queries that fetch zero results and delve deeper into product and query-level data.
Benefits of integrating Unbxd with Magento
Highly compatible with the Magento ecosystem
Leverage the robust and scalable infrastructure
Seamless omnichannel shopping experience
Instant search speed with <65ms Response time
Boost product discoverability and conversion rates
Take your Magento store shopping experience to the next level!
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Is integrating Unbxd with Magento a complex process?

No, integrating Unbxd with Magento is straightforward. The process involves installing the Unbxd plugin and customizing settings based on your preferences.

Can Unbxd work with any Magento store, regardless of its size or product range?

Yes, Unbxd is designed to scale, making it suitable for Magento stores of all sizes and industries, from small businesses to enterprise-level ecommerce.

How does Unbxd impact the speed and performance of my Magento store?

Unbxd is optimized for speed, ensuring that it enhances the search and discovery experience on your Magento store without compromising performance. It typically has a response time of less than 65 milliseconds.

Can Unbxd's visual workbench accommodate our specific merchandising needs on our Magento site?

Certainly, Unbxd's visual workbench provides a user-friendly interface for customizing and implementing merchandising strategies on your Magento site, giving you control over product placements, promotions, and more.