Hybris x Netcore Unbxd
Improve average order value using AI-driven search capabilities
Facilitate swift product discovery and boost catalog visibility with Netcore Unbxd search and personalization solutions that are user-friendly, lightweight, and enterprise-ready.
Craft profitable search experiences in SAP Hybris
AI-enabled smart search
Accurately match products to shopper intent through entity extraction and query classification models.
Real-time personalization
Customize search results based on in-session shopper interactions and highlight products aligned with their preferences.
Catalog enrichment
Enhance catalogs with tailored product information to meet shopper preferences and needs.
Custom search result ranking
Create personalized ranking models using shopper behavior data through a user-friendly console.
No-code workbench for developer-independent merchandising
Enterprise-grade search solution for an all-encompassing experience
Highly available infrastructure
Experience unparalleled reliability with 99.999% uptime and lightning-fast <65 ms response times for seamless, worry-free setup.
Support for 40+ languages
Unify global e-commerce stores with a single search engine, streamlining access across geographical locations.
Customize product price and visibility
Manage product availability and pricing based on shopper groups and support personalized omnichannel experience.
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How does Unbxd integrate with SAP Hybris?

Integrating Unbxd with SAP Hybris is seamless. Unbxd provides connectors and plugins for Hybris, ensuring a smooth integration process.

Can Unbxd work with both B2B and B2C setups on SAP Hybris?

Absolutely, Unbxd is versatile and can enhance the search and discovery experience for both B2B and B2C ecommerce setups on SAP Hybris.

Is there a learning curve for managing Unbxd features within SAP Hybris?

No, Unbxd's features are designed to be user-friendly. The platform provides intuitive tools and interfaces for managing search, merchandising, and other features seamlessly within SAP Hybris.

How does Unbxd impact the overall performance of a SAP Hybris-based online store?

Unbxd is optimized for speed and efficiency. It enhances the search and discovery functionalities without compromising the overall performance of your SAP Hybris-based online store.

Leverage Unbxd as a gateway to a more dynamic, efficient, and profitable online shopping experience.