26 Sep 2019
BigCommerce app for Unbxd PIM launched
Sashindar  Rajasekaran
Sashindar Rajasekaran
Product Marketing Manager

Unbxd is pleased to unveil the launch of its BigCommerce app, a streamlined solution for managing product data between Unbxd's Product Information Management (PIM) system and ecommerce sites powered by BigCommerce. As ecommerce businesses expand and evolve, the complexity of their operations increases, including business processes, operational management, system requirements, and data management. This can lead to disjointed and siloed product information, making PIM a critical concern for both small and large enterprises.

To address this challenge, Unbxd announced its partnership with BigCommerce on March 10, 2021, as a Certified Technology Partner, with the goal of providing AI-powered PIM services and technology to over 60,000 BigCommerce stores. Through this partnership, ecommerce businesses can take control of their digital shelf and enhance their online presence.

This article will explore how eCommerce stores using BigCommerce can leverage Unbxd PIM for their website.

What is the BigCommerce app for Unbxd PIM?


The BigCommerce app for Unbxd PIM uses APIs to establish connectivity between Unbxd PIM and any ecommerce website that utilizes BigCommerce. Using the app, ecommerce teams can create and manage product content within Unbxd PIM and publish it to multiple BigCommerce sites simultaneously without manually downloading, editing, and verifying feed files or spreadsheets.

How does it work?


The Unbxd PIM BigCommerce app effectively aligns BigCommerce's mandatory and custom fields with the product attributes within the PIM system. This configuration is saved as a template, allowing for efficient and convenient reuse when transferring product data between a BigCommerce website and the PIM system.

How will it benefit an ecommerce team?

In addition to user-created custom fields, BigCommerce specifies 25 mandatory product fields (attributes), which need to follow specific naming conventions and schema as part of every product feed.

Ecommerce teams spend significant time and effort transforming their internal product data to fit into BigCommerce-specific formats – time and effort to be utilized more efficiently.

Unbxd PIM's BigCommerce app helps teams save significant time and effort by not poring through large volumes of product data manually. It also transforms them to suit the bespoke schema and formats every time product information is updated on the site.

Additional benefits include the following –

  • One-time, single-click authentication and installation
  • Bulk or selectively updating product data
  • Eliminate manual downloads and uploads of feed files
  • Publish across multiple BigCommerce sites simultaneously
  • Automate import and export between PIM and BigCommerce sites.

Getting started with Unbxd on BigCommerce App Store


To try the BigCommerce app, start by signing up for a free demo of Unbxd PIM. Visit the app page for more details and installation instructions.

About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a leading software-as-a-service ecommerce platform that allows merchants to build, innovate and grow their businesses online.

With a unique combination of easy-to-use, enterprise-level features and flexibility, BigCommerce powers more than 60,000 B2B and direct-to-consumer online stores across 120 countries — including Fortune 1000 brands like Avery Dennison, Ben & Jerry’s, Bliss, Burrow, Skullcandy, Sony, and Woolrich.

Visit www.bigcommerce.com for more information.

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