Unbxd PIM x Shopify
Supercharged Shopify with powerful AI
Enhance the Shopify store’s performance in a matter of weeks. Improve the efficiency and digital presence with Netcore Unbxd PIM.
Shopify platform powered by AI
With Netcore Unbxd PIM, fine-tune processes, enhance your product catalog information, and effortlessly create engaging content for the target shopper.
Manage multiple Shopify stores in one place
Easily control multiple Shopify stores from one place with Unbxd PIM's multi-store functionality. Maintain uniform product info, pricing, and branding across all your storefronts.
Business-scale bulk modification
Create flexible workflows and rules using powerful bulk editing and automation tools. Easily manage large amounts of product data, including digital assets and inventories.
Customization and granularity
Create custom attributes, such as tags and fields, in accordance with the business requirements. Organize and categorize products better to improve searchability.
Data governance for authentic brand experience
Ensure product data is accurate, consistent, and aligned with the highest standards with intuitive data validation and governance features. Uplift the reliability of your digital stores.
Automate workflow and data management
Create automated workflows to update product information faster and eliminate manual data entry. Synchronize and manage product data to accelerate optimized product content.
AI Enrichment Apps improve content creation
Leverage PIM’s next-gen AI Enrichment Apps to create ready-made and compelling product information for the catalog with a few clicks.
Optimized content management across Shopify stores for a memorable customer experience.
Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
How does Unbxd PIM integrate with Shopify?

Unbxd PIM seamlessly integrates with Shopify, providing a centralized hub for managing product information. It streamlines data enrichment, ensuring accurate and consistent product details across your Shopify store.

Can Unbxd PIM handle large product catalogs on Shopify?

Absolutely. Unbxd PIM is designed to efficiently manage extensive product catalogs on Shopify. Its robust architecture ensures smooth handling, organization, and enrichment of large volumes of product data.

What benefits does Unbxd PIM bring to my Shopify store?

Unbxd PIM optimizes your Shopify store's efficiency by centralizing product information. It streamlines data management, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and faster updates. This leads to improved customer experiences and operational excellence.

How does Unbxd PIM support data enrichment for Shopify products?

Unbxd PIM simplifies data enrichment for Shopify products. It provides tools for adding, updating, and maintaining product details, including images, descriptions, and specifications. This ensures that your product information is always up-to-date and rich, enhancing your Shopify store's appeal.