Maximize sales and streamline product content management across channels
Deliver captivating omnichannel product experiences with an AI-powered PIM platform that ingests, processes, and distributes accurate product information. Eliminate manual tasks, ensure quality product content, and enhance collaboration to reduce time-to-market.
All-Inclusive data ingestion
Gather product data from various sources and store it in one single source of truth (SSOT). Experience trouble-free data onboarding, streamlined for speed and accuracy.
Automate and schedule imports
Schedule and automate data imports from multiple sources like ERP, POS, local databases, and ecommerce channels.
Customizable import templates
Utilize unlimited import templates for easy setup. Add customizable enhancements and tailor your raw catalog to suit any business requirement.
Bulk image uploads
Simplify asset management by simultaneously uploading images in large batches, saving time and enhancing productivity.
All-Inclusive data ingestion
Catalog enrichment
Transform ordinary catalogs into rich and well-organized product information that fosters trust and confidence in the brand.
AI enrichment apps
Access a suite of 25+ apps that leverage generative AI to create and customize product information. Foster superior product experience management and boost product discoverability.
Product lifecycle management
Take charge of the product catalog with seamless, automated workflows for transparency and faster launches.
Digital asset management
Effectively manage and enhance digital assets within the platform to create engaging and consistent shopping experiences across various sales channels.
Unified asset management
Store, modify, and distribute product images, videos, and documents from a single location, ensuring compelling product experiences.
Bulk assets transformation
Manage and edit digital media assets like images, videos, links, and PDFs in bulk from within the platform.
Auto-link assets with products
Identify media assets while importing and map them to the respective product with over 98% accuracy and no manual intervention.
Digital catalogs
Stand out by offering customers a more personalized shopping experience with intuitive digital catalogs.
Data distribution
Enjoy faster sales with highly optimized product data to various platforms in any required format.
Smooth and error-free exports
Export product content tailored to meet the specific requirements of each destination platform with pre-set adapters.
Marketplace connectors
Rapidly distribute product details to multiple destinations, speeding up launches while maintaining consistency.
Distribute to multiple storefronts
Manage multiple storefronts from one place, circulate information across platforms, and preempt errors before data dispatch.
Export templates
Leverage tailored export templates that adapt to diverse sales channels, enabling seamless, compliant, and efficient product promotion across platforms.
PIM app store
Leverage a two-way data migration with 75+ integrated platforms and marketplaces, ERP, and POS systems. Boost your sales and speed up your operations.
Take your digital catalog to new heights!