Digital Catalog
Craft a unique brand experience with tailored digital catalogs
Elevate brand experiences with interactive digital catalogs that offer personalized templates and real-time updates. Transform customer engagement through precision marketing with cost-effective in-house catalog customization.
Unlimited templates
Generate brand experiences that cater to shoppers' requirements with unlimited template customization that align with the brand’s identity.
Targeted marketing
Create catalogs based on product groups to target specific shopper segments. Engage in data-driven marketing strategies to boost conversion rates.
Instant publishing
Simplify catalog distribution and share instantly with a single secure URL. Changes in product data are automatically updated in the catalog in real time.
Customizable product sheets
Enhance your brand's presence on online marketplaces with minimal effort by creating custom catalogs in-house, eliminating the need for external designers.
Revolutionize your digital catalog with Unbxd PIM
Use unlimited templates
Craft the perfect brand experience
Improve conversion
Enhance productivity
Accelerate time to market
Save cost
Are you ready to experience the future of digital catalog creations?