Why PIM?
Redefine data management for superior shopper experience
Enhance product performance with user-friendly catalog management tools fueled by effortless data import, enrichment, and seamless multi-channel distribution.
The PIM benefit
faster data enrichment
increase in cross-channel reach
time saved on data management
faster time-to-market
Data Accuracy Rate
Experience the Netcore Unbxd advantage
Enhanced efficiency
Reduce content errors using data enrichment, ensuring accurate and updated product information at scale.
Improved customer satisfaction
Elevate brand perception and customer loyalty with precise, consistent, and enhanced product details, increasing profits.
Streamline workflow
Effortlessly import, manage, and export data to various sales channels using automated workflows, powering faster product launches.
Boost conversion
Ensure accurate and consistent product information, such as descriptions, specifications, pricing, and images, to increase shopper trust.
How does it work?
Effortlessly bring diverse data into the PIM platform, ensuring a smooth transition and creating a single standardized source of truth for the catalog.
Elevate your product information by adding high-quality images, attributes, and descriptions, enhancing their appeal and visibility.
Automate, organize, and maintain product data with intuitive tools for streamlined team collaboration and control.
Seamlessly distribute enriched data to multiple channels, reaching relevant audiences with precision and ease.
AI-powered enrichment
Automatically craft compelling product content with UNBXD PIM's AI-powered enrichment apps, fueled by cutting-edge generative AI technology.
By harnessing the capability of the Unbxd AI-driven PIM platform, we have been able to deliver what our customers value most: a pitch-perfect shopping experience. Besides their ever-responsive customer support, we appreciate the constant efforts of the dedicated PIM team that helped us in the journey to boost revenue while creating a modern ecommerce store.
Corey King
Project Manager, A Jewelers
Step into the future of product catalog management