Catalog Understanding
Enrich catalog information to improve product visibility
Utilize AI to extract meaningful information from unstructured catalog data. Expand product context by automatically adding related industry-specific synonyms.
Extract information from product descriptions
Scan for data
Uncover essential information buried deep within large unstructured data sets.
Automate extraction
Accurately map identified data points to relevant product attributes.
Showcase relevant products
Ensure precision and recall of items for long-tail queries with high intent.
Improve search recall with synonyms
Boost search quality with one billion synonyms across 20+ categories. Add synonyms continuously based on shopper behavior.
Attract shoppers by enriching product information
Easy discovery
Adapt to evolving shopper vocabulary to improve search result relevance.
Enhanced query analysis
Enhanced query analysis Automatically evaluate shopper queries for enhanced context.
Eliminate catalog deficiencies
Fill in the missing catalog information to increase product affinity.
Generate AI-powered content
Create compelling product information using generative AI.
Attract shoppers by enriching product information
Learn how to elevate product visibility with advanced catalog comprehension.