Mitre 10 x Netcore Unbxd
Streamlining the Path to Purchase: Mitre 10's Implementation of Netcore Unbxd for Better Product Discovery
↓ 60%
Drop in Zero Queries
↑ 21%
Avg. MoM Conversion Rate
↑ 17%
Average Order Value (AOV)
Home Hardware
"Mitre 10's partnership with Netcore Unbxd has been a game-changer for our online retail operations. Previously we struggled with an inflexible and suboptimal search functionality and now with Netcore Unbxd, we have a comprehensive solution that has exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be more pleased with the positive impact Netcore Unbxd has had on our business."
Alex Dalidakis
Ecommerce Experience Lead
Shining light on Mitre 10’s success story:
Achieving success by boosting conversions through AI-powered product discovery.
How autosuggest propelled upsell and cross sell along with boosting efficient site search.
Improving search relevance accuracy by catering to specific niche queries.
Enhancing personalized results through dynamic filtering and sorting to positively impact the shopper journey.
Transform your ecommerce strategy with insights from Mitre 10's success!