13 Jul 2019
Unbxd PIM launches activity log tool for ecommerce stores
Sashidar Rajaekaran
Sashidar Rajaekaran
Product Marketing Manager

Unbxd is excited to announce the launch of Activity Log for Unbxd PIM, the latest feature that helps teams keep track of and manage changes to their product content.

Product content management is an iterative process. A piece of product content undergoes review, updates, and changes multiple times during a product’s lifetime in a store. Each change, regardless of how large or small, is attributable to a different team member, referring to the product’s start of life.

However, ecommerce teams struggle to keep track of the who, what, and when as product content continues to evolve.

What is an activity log?

Activity Log is a complete, historical record of every change made to a product within Unbxd PIM. It tracks, collates, and presents every change performed in an easy to comprehend manner.

Using Activity Log, teams can track the following:

  • Date of the Activity

  • Activity Performed

  • The Person responsible for the Activity

  • Old and New Values of properties (attributes)

  • Comments added during updates

Activity Log maintains simplicity and categorizes the product actions as Created, Modified, or Deleted. It also incorporates filtering capabilities to narrow and accurately identify a specific activity. Additional granularity on the PIM action that influenced the change, such as an import, a manual create or edit, bulk edits, tasks, or workflows, is also displayed.

How does Activity Log help ecommerce teams?

Unbxd developed an activity log to improve transparency. A lack of clarity often hamstrings large-scale teams collaborating on product content. A team member preparing a product for a clearance sale will have no idea if the displayed price is up to date. Tracking the last update is time and effort better spent creating great product content.

With it, however, every update made to the product is made accessible to everyone within a team.

Benefits of Activity Log

  • Full historical record of activities and actions performed on a product

Improved transparency between teams and governance of product content

  • Automated tracking and logging of product actions as opposed to maintaining a physical changelog

  • Reduced time and effort in tracing back past changes and individuals responsible

Unbxd PIM empowers your digital shelf to easily import product information manage, optimize, and enrich product content at scale. Reach out to us for a free demo!

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